Waterford Circle landscape

Create and maintain an attractive landscape at Waterford Circle that is compatible with nearby properties.
  1. Waterford Circe is the traffic circle at the intersection of Waterford Dr. and Tranquilla Dr. (map) The circle was cleared and planted with crepe myrtles in early spring 2009.
  2. A prior landscaping was done in the late ’90s. It was done under Dallas’s MOWMentum program, so the city no longer mows this circle. LPENA still maintains the mowing, currently reimbursing a nearby neighbor for paying a mowing service to handle the circle biweekly.

Summer 2009 watering volunteer chart

Please email Aren Cambre if you can volunteer for a week.

Volunteer Water supplier
June 7 Huskey/Jackson 1018 Waterford
June 14 Cothran 1018 Tranquilla
June 21 Welch 1019 Waterford
June 28 Daniels 1001 Waterford
July 5 Daniels 1001 Waterford
July 12 Huskey/Jackson 1018 Waterford
July 19 Cothran 1018 Tranquilla
July 26 Welch 1019 Waterford
August 2 Daniels 1001 Waterford
August 9 Huskey/Jackson 1018 Waterford
August 16 Cothran 1018 Tranquilla
August 23 Welch 1019 Waterford
August 30 Martindale 1019 Waterford
September 6 Daniels 1001 Waterford
September 13 Huskey/Jackson 1018 Waterford
September 20 Cothran 1018 Tranquilla
September 27 Welch 1019 Waterford


Ann Allen