Lake Park Estates Neighborhood Police Officer
Kevin Kelley #9419
Northeast Patrol Division
Dallas Police Department

Neighborhood Program: Volunteers in Patrol (V.I.P.)
Our neighborhood association has several members that have gone through the City’s VIP (Volunteers in Patrol) training program. This program has been implemented in several surrounding neighborhoods with positive results.


The program consists of neighbors driving/walking the neighborhood at various times to make note persons or activities of a suspicious nature or potential breaches of security in and around our homes. The program is two-fold and non-confrontational. Volunteers will use their cell phone to call 911 to report potential problems and also, alert neighbors of circumstances that might invite crime like open garage doors, gates not latched, etc.


Formal training is required before you can become a VIP patrol member. The training will include learning what to look for and a short talk by the VIP patrol coordinator. You will be required to fill out an application for a background check and attach a copy of your driver?s license along with proof of your social security number (SS card, W-2, check stub, etc.)

The VIP patrol is an intricate part in making Lake Park Estates one of the best places to live in Dallas.