Quarterly newsletter

Quarterly newsletter to let residents know of neighborhood news, original literary works of residents, paid advertisements by members of the community, and other content.
Per bylaws, the Vice President of Communications manages this service.

The quarterly newsletter is delivered before the quarterly meetings, in enough time to properly notify neighbors and comply with bylaws requirements about prior communication of certain actions.

Newsletter submissions policy

Newsletter submissions must be the original creation of the submitter or licensed by the original author. The original author’s name should be printed.

IRS regulations prevent private inurement by a 501(c)(4) nonprofit. Therefore, to comply with the law and avoid appearance of just being promotional material, we must ensure that if a private business or person’s occupation is mentioned, it must be in these contexts:

  1. Article written by someone else about that business or person (interview) and article provides relevant, useful information to typical residents of the neighborhood.
  2. Adds credibility to content. E.g., a report on home value trends should be accompanied by the realtor’s name and company.
  3. Paid submission (advertisement).
Vice President of Communications (per bylaws)