Quarterly meetings


The bylaws prescribes a 7 PM quarterly meeting on the 4th Thursdays of January, April, July, and October. The date and time

The meeting has a topic of general interest to neighborhood residents. This topic is usually presented by government officials, community leaders, local businessmen, etc.

Certain meetings also have a special purpose or tradition:

  • The April meeting has elections at the end.
  • The October meeting is usually held at the Fall Picnic.

Key details


The bylaws require the vice president to secure the location for quarterly meetings.

The meeting is usually held in Doctors Hospital West Building room 206. This has to be arranged well in advance, and it should be reconfirmed a week beforehand and the day of.

The FTLOTL offices have also worked well for a meeting.

Highland Park Cafeteria has good meeting space as long as all attendees purchase a meal through the line. The meeting space is free but may require a refundable deposit.

Neighborhood notification

Neighborhood notification usually happens in three ways:

  1. Early notification through the quarterly newsletter, which should be delivered a couple of weeks before the meeting date.
  2. Emailed notification through the announcements listserv early in the week of the meeting.
  3. Yard signs managed by the sign managers.

Important meetings may also be announced by a printed flyer a few days beforehand.


The association generally budgets a small amount–$25 or so–towards meeting refreshments.