Crime camera network

Crime abatement through camera network that photographs all cars entering and leaving the neighborhood.

Crime camera committee has set these criteria:

  • Cameras monitor all 13 entrances and exits. (13 includes alleys)
  • Aspire to monitor certain key intersections in neighborhood.
  • Will avoid monitoring anything other than public rights of way.
  • Will not use:
    • Pan/zoom/tilt (PTZ) cameras because of potential for snooping.
    • Any cameras that require active monitoring.
  • Goal is to have record of vehicular traffic to review after incidents. Therefore, only capturing still pictures upon motion detect. Not creating realtime monitoring.
  • Piggyback on residential DSL or cable modem internet connections.

Technical specifications:

  • Will use relatively low cost IP megapixel cameras but will consider more expensive cameras for key locations.
  • Must be high enough resolution to produce meaningful pictures.
  • Camera setup must anticipate being serviced by volunteers, so must be uniform and simple.
  • Will publish public specification that will be open to others who wish to upload their images.
Will White (2008)