Block captain system

Publication distribution and communication program comprised of one leader who owns one or more street blocks.


The block captain network assists in direct, personal communications to residents. Currently this is helping distrubute 4-8 publications annually and occasional assistance in membership drives.

Area and block captains and counts

Street Block captain
Area 1:
Bridget Joe and Cathy Mathia 15
County Cork Darrell Poage 18
Donegal Kim Hoyle 17
Wicklow Diane Kauth 5
Area 2: Aren Cambre
Erin Doris Baumgardner 7
Tipperary (900 block) Sylvia Randall 16
Tipperary (1000 block) Jay Mosher 21
Tralee Shannon Enriquez 11
Waterford Nancy Daniels 25
Area 3: Gerry Renaud
Athlone Jennifer Hoesterey 14
Buckner Gerry Renaud 7
Limerick Lisa Hafner 4
Galway (9500-9699) Cindy Moore 18
Galway (9700-9999) Cindy Newell 33
Area 4: Andrea Hosterman
Kilarney Ruth Ann Funderburk 34
Peavy (odd numbers) Kenneth Goines 12
Tranquilla (1000 block) Eric Tinsley 11
Tranquilla (1100 block) Krista de la Harpe 18

How to distribute publications

The block captain network is not immediate. This is a multi-step, volunteer-run system. You should arrange a schedule with the block captain system coordinator and also expect up to a full week for materials to be delivered.

Publication distribution generally involves:

  1. Publisher contacts block captain system coordinator and schedules distribution, then the coordinator contacts emails all block and area captains to alert them to the impending delivery.
  2. Publisher drops materials off at coordinator’s house.
  3. Coordinator contacts area captains and advises of upcoming distribution.
  4. Coordinator divides materials into areas and distributes materials to area captains.
  5. Area captains contact block captains and advise of upcoming distribution.
  6. Area captains divide materials by block and distributes materials to block captains.
  7. Block captains distribute materials to homes.
Lucan Watkins