This is Lake Park Estates Neighborhood Association's complete services list, including some abandoned services. Click on a service for more details.

Title Goals Status Leader
Block captain system Publication distribution and communication program comprised of one leader who owns one or more street blocks. Program Lucan Watkins
Buckner Road entryway sign Create an entryway sign on the neighborhood's Athlone entrance from Buckner Road. Abandoned
Christmas lights contest Review neighborhood Christmas lights displays and award residents with superlative displays. Program Ann Allen (2009)
Crime camera network Crime abatement through camera network that photographs all cars entering and leaving the neighborhood. Research Will White (2008)
Crime watch Communicate crime information and advocate for crime abatement efforts in the neighborhood. Not started
Email groups Provide and administer email communication groups for LPENA members. Program Aren Cambre
Fall picnic Annual fall picnic where neighbors can meet each other. Program
Suzi Himes
Scott Powell
Galway Circle maintenance Provide limited maintenance services above and beyond what the city already performs. Not started Mark Nevitt
Galway Circle renovation Add extensive landscaping to Galway Circle. Abandoned
Garland Road entryway sign maintenance Maintain Garland Road entryway sign and correct occasional vandalism. Program Richard Fleming
Garland Road traffic island maintenance Maintain Garland Road traffic island near Blockbuster/Petco. Program
Membership directory Printed directory of all residents. Not started
Men's Group Neighborhood men regularly meet in a social event. Not started Scott Powell
Mom's club Forum for mothers to create play opportunities for their children and meet other mothers. Program Alecia Fullenwider
Movie night Occasional outdoor movie nights. Program Robert McMillan
National Night Out Annual anti-crime event that cross-promotes VIP and crime watch programs. Program Mark Hoesterey (2008)
New neighbor welcomes Welcome all new homeowners to the neighborhood and encourage membership in the organization. Program Karen Mosher
Outdoor notification signs Alert the neighborhood to bulky trash pickup days, quarterly meeting or major events, or other notifications as determined by the leadership. Program
Darrel Poage
Tom Watt
Pet Watch Reunite lost pets with owners and prevent pet loss. Program Teresa Cameron
Quarterly newsletter Quarterly newsletter to let residents know of neighborhood news, original literary works of residents, paid advertisements by members of the community, and other content. Program Vice President of Communications (per bylaws)
Recipe club An excuse for neighborhood women to regularly eat and try tasty beverages. Program Alecia Fullenwider
Spring block party Annual spring block party where neighbors can meet each other. More significant event than fall picnic. Program Sheryl Perier and Tommy Nelson (2010)
Volunteers in Patrol (VIP) Dallas Police-trained volunteers patrol the neighborhood in their personal vehicles, reporting all suspicious activity. Program Johnny and Bennie Altom
Waterford Circle landscape Create and maintain an attractive landscape at Waterford Circle that is compatible with nearby properties. Program Ann Allen
Web site Web-based communications and information archive tool for the neighborhood. Implementation Aren Cambre
Yard of the month Select a yard each month with exemplary landscaping. Program Michael Maher